New Point System! Reputation/Levels/Name Colors/Ranks/Pranks Now Possible!

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New Point System! Reputation/Levels/Name Colors/Ranks/Pranks Now Possible! Empty New Point System! Reputation/Levels/Name Colors/Ranks/Pranks Now Possible!

Post by Z'zShy on Thu Jan 20, 2011 8:51 pm

There has been a new addition to the site to make it a little more enjoyable for you guys, and it is a new Point System! You can build up points by gaining/giving reputation to and from other posters with the plus and minus on the right side of the post, and by posting and just being active in the forums! Your points are displayed in your Statistics on your Profile, so look there to check how many you have! You can then exchange these points to use any of the following options, which will be explained below:

WARNING!!: Once you spend your points, you can't get them back, so make sure it's exactly how you want to use them and be wise with how you spend them!

- Increase your Level (25 points) You can no longer increase your level.
- Change your Forum Name Color (50-200 points)
- Change your Rank (50 points)
- Prank another Poster (75 points)
- Change you Forum Username (100 points)

Increase your Level: If you haven't noticed, there is now a 'Level' attribute beneath your name on your profile and when you post. You can spend 25 points to permanently increase your Level on the forums. While Levels don't effect anything on the site, they do show your dedication and are the only permanent option you have with points. You can also use them as bragging rights!

Change your Forum Name Color: You can now choose between 4 other name colors to use in place of the Yellow, Blue, or Green you have normal access to. This lasts for 1 month and can be opted out of or changed at any time; however, changing it will cost you the predetermined point amount again. Some color cost more points, so if you want the more difficult to reach colors, you'll have to spend more points. You can cancel out a Prank by changing your Forum Name Color. Your color options are:
Lime - 50 points
Cyan - 100 points
Black - 200 points
White - 200 points

Change your Rank: You can also change your Rank, or line of text beneath your Forum name. It costs 50 points and lasts for 1 month. You can't use vulgar language in your Rank and has a 30 character limit as to what can be said (this includes spaces and punctuation marks). You can cancel out a Prank by changing your Rank.

Prank another Poster: You can now Prank other poster's accounts as well! This will change their username Pink and change their Rank to PRANKED!!. This lasts 1 month an cancels out any Forum Name Colors and Ranks. You can also choose to prank yourself, and if you do, you can choose wether or not you want your Rank changed to PRANKED!! or not as well.

Change your Forum Username: You can also change your username on this site! It lasts forever (unless you decide to change it again) and costs 100 points. Just send the Username that you would like to me (CHECK YOUR SPELLING!! I WILL JUST COPY PASTE THE NAME, SO BE SURE IT IS WORDED CORRECTLY!!) and make sure you have the necessary points. You cannot have a name with vulgar language, so make sure it is appropriate or there will be no name change.

To use your points in any of these ways, send me a PM and I'll exchange your points for whatever you'd like, that is, if you can afford it! Send me a PM here:

- Z'zgashi
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