Role Playing basics and general rules

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Role Playing basics and general rules

Post by TehWeirdDood on Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:10 am

Been delaying writing all this, might as well get it done...
First things first, due to the nature of forums, all RPs here are considered 'Play-by-post' role plays. These games are generally written in a third-person perspective so that the players can more fully establish and describe their characters. If a player needs to discuss something as themselves and not their characters, they should post in an OOC (Out Of Character) paragraph (or two). Players may choose how they will differentiate between OOC and IC (In Character), but a standard technique is to use double parenthesis ((like this)).

Now, before I write anymore... These rules are not mandatory for all games. They are merely guidelines. If a person wishes to start an RP and finds a rule is too restrictive or that there aren't enough rules, they may change the rules to their liking. This RP starter should make it clear which rules may not be in effect, or if new rules are.

The person who creates a new thread is considered the Game Master (GM) of that game, as they are the one who decides the setting of the game. They can decide how successful characters are at making an impact on the game, or let the players discuss it for themselves. For example, say Character A wants to attack Character B. The GM can decide whether the attack was successful or not, or they can let Players A and B decide between the two of them. If the players can't decide what the outcome is, then it is up to the GM to decide.

On to player basics... Every player controls a character and denotes said character's actions. Players are responsible for their characters and no one else's. Taking direct control of another character's actions is restricted, unless you have valid reasoning for doing so (mind control spells, slavery, whatever). That being said, players need to be flexible. They should be able to react to what's going on around them without complaining much. For example, characters can die. Get used to it. How often (or if at all) characters die depends on the GM.

Flow of the game... that can be tricky. In general, if you join a game, make a commitment to being active in said game. Exactly how the timing of events in a game work depends on the GM. It may be turn-based, it could just be for how fast players respond, whatever. If a player will not be able to access the forums for a time, let everyone know. That way, the GM can plan accordingly. It helps to put your character at the sideline whenever this occurs.

--I'll add more to this post whenever important points need to be clarified, or if I just find something nice to add. Or if I need to format it to make it look nice. Or if I need to completely rewrite it. I dunno, I'm tired. For now, use these links as reference.--
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