New Site Staff / Backroom Updates

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New Site Staff / Backroom Updates

Post by Z'zShy on Mon May 02, 2011 7:50 pm

Due to the anticipated increase of size in the forum with new a legit web address and multiple other factors, we have added new people to the work force of this site!

We have two new mods on here who have been around since early on, so make sure to commend them for their promotion! These lucky new members are StaZ and TehWeirdDood. These two, along with our veteran mod Sephiroth, have full modship on all of the site, so respect them and dont be mean haha.

Second, the Mario Kart Backroom is now up and running, so all you Karters out there can be happy that you now having a working system backing you up. The members of this Backroom are Z'zShy (Head of the Backroom), Rabbi Panda, Skarmflames, StaZ, and ~Final~. The Brawl Backroom has been running smoothly with its members, of whom are Z'zShy (Head of the Backroom), Dark Ryu, Marz, Sephiroth, and StaZ. As for the Melee Backroom, your very own mod, StaZ will be setting up a Panel and getting things organized in that community.

Any other Backrooms that are needed will be created when the time comes, but as of now, that is all.

- Z'zShy


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