ShowTime Online Open-Beta on 11.11.11

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ShowTime Online Open-Beta on 11.11.11 Empty ShowTime Online Open-Beta on 11.11.11

Post by vjgamer on Fri Nov 11, 2011 4:53 am

ShowTime Online Open-Beta on 11.11.11 1320744261

During the ShowTime Closed-Beta, we have received a lot of good responses and feedbacks from the players. Gamers really enjoyed the game with the singing mode, keyboard mode, real-voice chatting, and the dress-up activity.

This November 11, 2011, get ready to hit the Center Stage!
Move like a real Jagger because “It’s Time to Show It All!”

We proudly introduce to you again the newest 3D social musical game filled with distinctive features such as fans, interaction, voice-dancing and guild-PK systems- ShowTime Online! This latest musical sensation allows you to sing, dance, and talk to thousand of players worldwide. ShowTime marks a new beginning of one-of-a-kind Karaoke Singing Game. The advantages of this game that will totally hook players are its combination of karaoke and dancing capabilities. Also, players may opt to use the keyboard function in singing their favorite songs.

Our successful CBT Phase take in some in-game events such as Fashionista, SuperStar Screenshot, Win Ipad2 event, ShowTime’s Babe and Hunk, Character Look-a-Like, and more. Not to mention the free DVD Installers and awesome in-game gift and treats given to our avid Showtimers. Can you imagine what else can we offer this OBT? Stick around because we’re gonna throw more interesting in-game and offline events just for you!

Watch out for the upcoming Open-Beta this November 11, 2011, SMS now to receive a free installer.
SMS: EGISTName/Address and send it to 09053260000.


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