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Post by мυтнα-ƒσχιη gαηgѕтαкιяву on Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:53 pm

I awoke this morning in a cold empty room that was completely devoid of light, I scrambled to get up but it was small and cramped, I could not move. who knows if it has really been only a day? its felt like an eternity since I came to be in this darkness, alone with my thoughts... lacking even the slight distraction of sight. sounds. or feel. to take my mind off the constant non-stop thoughts, the air stale with cold sweat from the sleepless nights, voices filling my head some are not my own... until a bright light began to flood my vision, colors and shapes taking form in front of me as a rush of cool, fresh, clean air filled my lungs.... i stumbled to my feet as my once deprived senses were filled with the various colors, textures, feels and things that they had once known so very... very... well.

after finally regaining myself, i took a moment to absorb the environment around me... I was on some sort of large flat aircraft floating high above the ocean, i could hear the seagulls in the distance and the calming crashes of the ocean waves breaking upon themselves, but just then a voice that seemed to come from everything around me asks "READY?" but before i could respond to even ask what for the voice begins counting down "3!" a void in time a space rips open in front of me in a violent burst of black and purple flames, the dark purple smog filled the air around me "2!" and a spine crumbling fear filled my entirety as a tall old man stepped out wearing some ancient armor as if from another timeline the void shut itself behind the old man whos face looked as if it had weathered the ages, his hair grayed and his features chiseled by the sands of time and the harsh unyielding blades of experience "1!" "GO!!!!"

I approached the man carefully and asked him if he knew what was going on, the only response i received was a quick slap in the face that sent me spiraling backwards, the electricity shot through my nerves forcing me to writhe and twitch helplessly on the ground as the man picked me by the throat keeping me suspended in mid-air "w-why?" the words barely slipping from my mouth before my body was filled with the hot purple and black flames of hatred, the intensity of the heat caused me to black out, I woke up on the ground next to the old man... I scurried away in fear of becoming a pile of purple ashes..

but just then, the old man held out his hand as if for a handshake, i wasnt sure, but being the trusting person i am i went to shake his hand.... a bright purple flash of smoke and flame consumed us, my body burned with the scouring heat of a thousand suns, yet my flesh did not burn, and my bones did not break, it felt as if a freight train full of lit fire works had hit me as i flew off the aircraft into the sky

*BOOM* a flash of red and white was all i saw before it went black again and i went back to trying to count the days with me and the other six me's in this dark. empty. box.
мυтнα-ƒσχιη gαηgѕтαкιяву
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